Happy Death Day

So, today is the day. The day my brother took his own life. He hung himself on his bed, with a computer lead. Does it affect me? Everyday. It’s not something that just passes. It eases; the pain.

He called me on the wednesday and asked to move in. Come the sunday I was sat there pie and chips in the oven, blades of glory on the T.V, suicide phone call on the way. I automatically went into caring mode. I have always been the family sorter and this was no different. I went back home immediately following the call off the police. I comforted, packed and planned the funeral.

It still doesn’t feel real. Almost like he has run off. I haven’t dealt with the fact that he died. I don’t think I ever will. I love you Bradley. Now and for forever. Listening to Coming Down by Five Finger Death Punch. I wish I had been there to stop you. I’m so sorry.


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