Are we, we are…

Are we, we are the waiting unknown. I haaaaaaate waiting. (The use of a letter more than once obviously indicates a drawn out word with eye rolling as an accompaniment.) I do however love Greenday. Their newer music doesn’t really speak to me the same. I’m not cussing them up, they just adapted with the times. However old school Greeenday, yes!

So currently I am waiting for my OH to finish work, listening to american idiot. Sometimes he does nights, sometimes he does days. Sometimes I’m alright, sometimes I go insane. I feel like because I’m not busy with my own work, house or life I am constantly waiting for other people. I don’t really rush. Not very often but people around me seem to move at a snails pace.

It is most probably the whole watched pot scenario but it still sucks. Depression adds to the feeling to. I never felt like this when I was happier. Wierd isn’t it how things combined together make a situation completely different than if you had experienced only one thing. I am probably rambling on about nothing so just a quick check in. Cheerio.


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