I have been baking more recently. Do you like baking? I find it quite therapeutic when I’m stressed. I enjoy eating the baked goods too but I could happily just bake them all for other people. I enjoy the stability. Simple ingredients that always come together well. It’s like watching a film you have already seen a million and one times. It’s comforting.

I made a sponge cake oozing with raspberry jam and covered it in chocolate ganache. I made squishy peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. Today I made a chocolate sponge cake. I put raspberry jam in again because that shit is divine. Whipped double cream in the middle. I found an ‘easy choc’ for the top and sprinkled broken flake on it for good luck, not because I found it in my bag and it desperately needed to be eaten. You would have definitely wanted some if you had seen it.

My OH loves when I bake and it makes me feel like a real housewife whilst relieving all my stresses. So, win win. I don’t know how else to keep busy at the minute. There are only so many jobs out there, what am I meant to do once I’ve applied for all of them? I would love to go to the gym. That is the only other thing I can throw myself at and come away feeling good.  However if you can recommend any cheap recipes, please feel free to drop me a message.

I have yet to make any edibles. I just don’t have the money for that kind of potheadedness. I will one day. For now I’ll have to be content with a J then some munchies. Let me know your experiences even so.


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