First Secret!

So first off let me say how thrilled I am to have my first message in. As this is a secret I have promised to keep it anonymous but thank you for your input and please message me some more.

Hey Freckles,

I love your blog, it really speaks to me you’re so straight to the point I love that in you Brits.I wanted to tell you about my most recent experience with marijuana. I was out-of-town with my husband and we came back early and in this movie type situation the kids had thrown a house party.  Naturally we went in and busted up the party, kicked the kids out. As we were clearing up my husband found some cakes and things in the kitchen so we didn’t throw them. We thought it would be a waste. The kids were in bed and we sat down to watch that new Kevin Hart movie, Get hard. (Makes me laugh every time I say it!) Anyway I have never laughed so much. Granted the man is funny but I about died. Halfway through we realised they were edibles. That just made us laugh harder. I imagine it pained the kids to hear us having such fun but I haven’t laughed like that since I was a teen, lets not say how long ago that was. 🙂 Anyway, keep up the good work.

Your secret made me laugh and for that it gets it own brief moment of fame on my awesomely successful blog! Yes, that was sarcasm. Thank you for sharing, it sounds like a riot. I also laugh at that film and the title! I laugh typing title… I’m immature though and currently baked. Pot, not exactly the most harmful thing. #spreadtheword


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