So this is my first  Daily Prompt: Tremble. I wasn’t going to do it but I thought hey why not. Apparently you should always go with your gut so, let’s talk about sex baby. I’m not shy in talking about sex recently I’m becoming more shy in the actual bed, buts that’s a self-esteem issue. So when I saw this prompt I thought perfect. I have a secret to tell you.

If the word tremble doesn’t make you think of trembling legs or trembling lips or trembling member (for the mills and boon crew) then you should remove yourself from which ever rock you are under and get yourself a ruddy good rodgering.

The first time I truly ‘trembled’ was when me and my OH were dating. I used to visit him via train and he would pick me up from the train station in his stickered up car. There are a few spots I remember but in particular the car park next to a certain farm shop. Oh what fun we had. Why is it that as soon as something is wrong it becomes so much more appealing? Fooling around in the back of a car doesn’t really sound that appealing. But at the time we were meant to be celibate with a view to no sexual contact till after marriage , which lead to the whole situation being heightened into some state of euphoric rebellion. Mixed with the added publicity risk and you have yourself a some shaky legs.

We never actually did the whole celibacy thing.I had already broken it before we met and although we actually did try we didn’t make it very long before we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. It’s a big ask in today’s society. Monogamy is hard enough with all the temptations around, but celibacy with the person your planning on becoming monogamous with? Near impossible. Maybe you managed to do it, good on you, doesn’t mean you have the right to judge me for not. Doesn’t stop you judging me either, evidently but you don’t have the right.

Why do we stop doing things like that? Because we grow up and get houses and beds? I miss the uncertainty and the passion. We have amazing sex. Frequent enough too. but rarely do any occasions stick in my head like they do from back int’ day. I think I’m going to suggest it next time were on a walk in any secluded areas. Get some more trembling memories.

Anyway enough from me.



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