Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.

Well, I was sitting, waiting, wishing I could get a job and earn some money. It’s not even all about money. I need a purpose. I feel awfully flat; and fat. The jobs I’ve seen fall into a few categories.

Firstly: Stupid. I’m not going to apply for a job that pays me nothing as a basic wage. How do employers think that is sustainable living? Granted it is meant to motivate employees to reach specific sales targets but surely anyone stupid enough to apply for them is not up there with the worlds best sellers.

Secondly: Unreachable. I know there are plenty of graduates and ‘Smart Alecs’ out there with a million degrees. I also know there are plenty of older folk out of work. What I doubt very highly is that somewhere in the middle of them groups there are enough people with experience and degrees to fill the amount of jobs requiring such certification. 5 years experience in astro fucking science. It doesn’t even matter if I fit most of the criteria. I have heard back from about 6 jobs. I have applied for over 50… just let that sink in.  I do not have appropriate experience. I can’t get it because im not young enough for an apprenticeship.

What I mean to say is that employers ought to rethink their interviewing process. Many people these days find themselves in unique situations because of the recession and other economical situations affecting our lives. We need to be given a chance. I’m good at doing a lot of things man. Just give me a go. Hands on experience.

Makes me so fed up.

I went for an interview last monday and I got there whilst the fire alarm in that particular office block was going off. The clock struck half past and they sent us home and rearranged it for another day. That was my last money in the universe that I spent getting to their interview. Couldn’t they have waited…  couldn’t they have offered compensation? It just angers me. I am so desperate for work but the  universe seems to be lackin in the crackin. They had the cheek to never get back to me. After going twice. I had all the appropriate experience. At least give me the common curtsy of an automatic apology email. It makes me so mad.

Has anybody else experienced this? I would love to hear from you guys I noticed a few likes. 🙂 That  makes me happy but please reach out share your story or topic to write about.


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