Wax Lyrical.

Music. It calms and excites. It can change the way you feel. If anyone reads my blog they may notice certain phrases that are familiar. I think in lyrics. Does anybody else do that? I don’t mean every sentence I think is lyrical. Just seventy percent of my thoughts have a lyrical reference or remind me of a song. Songs remind me of memories.

My dream evening is sitting in my back garden in summer. Cold beers on the go. Cocktails if we’re feeling crazy. Herbal refreshments all night. Music on a double sub. Not constant dance or pop, not even all rock. I want country, classical, trance, grime, rap, opera and all the rest. I want to feel a light summer breeze. One of those lazy days, those hazy days and those days you get stoned for just days and days.

What’s your release? Not everyone has one. I realise it might be viewed as weak to rely on things to make you happy, I haven’t  yet reached that level of zen . Being able to find happiness from within is a skill. I don’t have many skills. I can write a banging song. Catchy or meaningful. I do that pretty well, it could be an explanation for why I remember lyrics so well.

Anyway… apologies for the lyrics if it becomes annoying. It’s a comforting habit. If you don’t like it… Fuck off.



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