When we were young.

Sometimes there are days that are not really worthy of being days at all. Sometimes you have days you would rather forget and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get a day that is just so sublime you wish it would last forever. Naturally it doesn’t, every day is by the rule only 24 hours long, no matter how hard you wish. I remember one day in particular.

I was 18. Young, insecure and just beginning to develop my adult personality. My adult body I’d had since I was 12 and it had been the bane of my life. Now though I had decided to stay off boys for a while because my last boyfriend had broken my heart and turned out to be a psycho in the end. Through some friends I knew I met a certain young man who just fit the tick boxes of girls my age, he wasn’t necessarily my type but that didn’t stop me having a little fantasize every now and then. We hung out in groups and on this particular day we had been playing badminton and we were on the bus home. Our friends had got off and we had a while left. I can’t remember whose suggestion it was but we didn’t go home.

Do you ever remember places for the small things rather than the big? We walked up a while from the town center to a park with a beautiful bandstand, roses and big trees. Behind, an architectural gem of a church large steps leading up. We sat on one of the many benches and talked. We just talked. He told me about his family and things that had weighed him down. Sometimes people just open up and you can see a tiny piece of them being handed over to you. I felt like I knew then that this person would be a special part of my life.

Admittedly I did want to kiss him but purely down to circumstantial aphrodisiacs, exercise romantic setting etc. It was purely platonic for me at this stage. 

This park also happened to be where a year later my sister had her wedding photographs. I find it strange that this only ever occurs to me as an afterthought. It’s not because I value those memories any less, it’s just it didn’t touch my life the same as that night talking under the stars. Freezing our arses off but building life bonds. Stronger than friends. Stronger than blood.

Days like that need to be stored in a box somewhere in your head. Safe away from everything. So that on days when life seems to pass you by meaninglessly you have something to lift you momentarily out of the dark and fill you with the same happiness you felt then.

Feel free to let me know if you have any special memories you would like to share.




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