I hate celebrities. Obviously not all of them individually, more the status. No I am not jealous, I just think for people to have that much money and influence is disgusting.

Lets take for instance the top paid celebrities in 2016

  1. Taylor swift : As much as her music is catchy and she seems sweet on camera does she really need to earn $170,000,000 for music??? My local busker is sweet and catchy and I’m sure he makes just enough for food.
  2. One direction: Here in our own country we have on average 3569 people sleeping rough on the streets every night. Whilst the boys from One direction earn£110,000,000 for performing and looking good.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo: Football extraordinaire. $88,000,000 . Why? To train, promote and play a game .

I’m not saying these people don’t deserve recognition for their skills. They do. But do they really think they deserve to earn more than doctors (£60,000 P.A) , nurses (£23,245 P.A) and relief workers (£24,232 P.A)? Some people can’t afford to get to interviews on the bus and walk two hours there to get turned down whilst Kim Kardashian is getting paid $71.8 million to be the face of a mobile phone game!!

The way of celebrities these days makes me feel useless. People tell me it is okay because they put in the effort. Like I haven’t been putting effort into my life too? I can write songs, I can bake, I could probably even play football if I was getting paid that much to be good at it. Money sucks. Celebrities suck. My life fucking sucks right now.

My question is this: why do we give celebrities special attention like they are super humans? I wonder what it is that make us need to look up to someone, place them on this pedestal and then begin trying to make our lives as similar to theirs as we can? Do we not crave individuality anymore? I think we should boycott the celebrity side of society . Be yourself don’t look to them for the answers. Dont look at them at all. Maybe we might be able to have a society where we are all equal.




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