In the mind of a stoner.

I don’t know why I do it, but I over think EVERYTHING. It’s  habit that is becoming more and more prominent in today’s society. Personally I think it may be down to the media. When I’m stoned though I feel level-headed. Everything seems to switch back into proportion like it’s my Anti-depressant.

I know MJ is a mind altering drug but have you ever stopped to think that maybe it alters your mind in a positive way the same as prescribed medication? Let me give you a for instance. Off weed I cannot sleep uninterrupted, any sleep I do have is tormented with night terrors,  I cannot leave the house without having a panic attack once im out of the house i am constantly over thinking everything.

Everything isn’t an exaggeration, I wonder what people think looking at me in my stupid old Primark clothes, my fat face, my stupid red skin. I wonder what people think looking at my  OH , why is he with such  fugly fat bitch?! I wonder what my OH thinks looking at other people. Why am I with this boring fat ugly girl who cheated on me and can’t hold an interesting conversation to save her life?

Today I am off weed and I don’t want to be alive. That’s drug addiction. Everyone says that, no doubt part of it is, however I know when i have come off weed for longer than a month I spiral into a downward path to suicide. That is not an exaggeration. Life becomes un bearable. I’ve tried meds from the Dr, to no avail. All I did was gain weight and spend my nights sweating through night terrors I couldn’t wake from.

I don’t know whether it boxes things off for a later date or if it genuinely helps you cope with life but right now I would kill for a blunt.

Can we make MJ legal? If not could I kindly have some good luck please universe?


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