Winter is here, again.

My theory on winter is that due to the months in which winter arrives, it feels longer in duration than any other season. It could also be the fact that you wake up in the morning to the dark cold and damp. You work with people who are similarly fed up and over spent from the holidays. Then you go home in the dark cold and damp.

As always a blizzard was predicted. Honestly, I’d go so far as to say we had no snow. It fell from the sky  but it never stuck around long enough to tell it had been snowing at all. Instead we had rain . Torrents of rubbish fricken rain.

Would I like to live in a hot country? No. I don’t think I would. I’m not an albino however I am better suited to weather below 30 degrees centigrade. I don’t want to be constantly burnt neither do I want to be swimming to work. What is your favourite season? I do love winter. A good old-fashioned , snow up to your knees, sunshine on your face bitter wind and woolly hat winter. We don’t get those any more though since global warming came on the scene.

I went to my moms to pick up some things and upon arriving up North I proceeded to fly arse over tit at least three times on the most miniscule layer of snow that had compacted together to create some kind of snowy death trap. Pride hurt and a few bruises later I decided never again to enjoy winter until I get my snow.

This year I did some external painting works through my OH’s company and the contract didn’t end until December. Have you ever worked outside in winter? I shall never ever do that again. Summer , it was beautiful. Painting houses, getting drinks off customers. winter though was an entirely different story… fucking cold, dark and damp. I need a holiday. I need something. Nobody is probably reading this but if you are… how do you cope with the winter blues?


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