Pack your bowls, let’s get stoned.

Or not. I won’t pressure you. Why is there such a negative stigma attached to smoking a joint? How do you view it? I have smoked for about two years and recently I’ve been considering giving up due to family opinions. Why did I start? I was depressed as fuck. My younger brother had hung himself in the March and then come the July when my OH suggested it I thought why the hell not. I felt like a rebel my first few drags. The warm evening summer air hitting my face. I remember the stars, man I felt like I was so close to them I could just throw a rock and hit a star for the fuck of it. We went home and continued baking. After the third one I felt a feeling come over me all tingly and cold. The dreaded ‘Whitey’. I’m glad I had it that particular night because the next day we went away on holiday and I had plenty of time to relax and forget all about the little incident.

At that time in my life I was working on a subcontractor basis with an industrial builders clean company. On the way home one random day in winter I was in the van with some guys I worked with I rang my OH to make sure he was all cared for and I didn’t need to pick anything up on my way back. All he said was “Don’t let anyone in the house.”, I didn’t know whether to be scared or just plain confused. I was the latter as usual.

Safely, alone, inside the porch on the front of our house I eagerly awaited clarification on the earlier phone conversation. I opened the front door and clarification hit me like a brick wall. The sweetest smell I ever had the privilege to smell. Marijuana. The rest is history. The fact is it does more good than harm in my life but I’ll save that for another post.

My family dislike it. Why? Because that is what society tells us we should do. People used to shun gays because churches told them to, now they accept them because billboards, social media and freedom protesters tell them they should. My point being, if you are told something enough you will begin to believe it. So spread the word, Marijuana is our friend, maybe it will catch on.

Let me know your thoughts.


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