I’m coming apart at the seams.

Please just let me go. I started a new job which I thought was good. It's a training program so I learn and earn. It's at a pub. I liked the first day or two. The location itself is now tainted . I can't go there without hyperventilating. I think I am genuinely insane. My … Continue reading I’m coming apart at the seams.



  I don't know why I am alive No one really cares Somehow i'll survive They look straight through me Instead of seeing me they see you No one knows me Can't say I didn't try They don't even try. Daily Prompt: Instinct

Happy Death Day

So, today is the day. The day my brother took his own life. He hung himself on his bed, with a computer lead. Does it affect me? Everyday. It's not something that just passes. It eases; the pain. He called me on the wednesday and asked to move in. Come the sunday I was sat … Continue reading Happy Death Day


via Daily Prompt: Center Today I am the exact opposite of centered. I feel like shit. I woke up okay. Then life hit. Do you ever have days so unexplainabley bad that you think you are genuinely going insane? I feel like that today. Nothing was different. No new bad luck had been put upon … Continue reading Centered


I have been baking more recently. Do you like baking? I find it quite therapeutic when I'm stressed. I enjoy eating the baked goods too but I could happily just bake them all for other people. I enjoy the stability. Simple ingredients that always come together well. It's like watching a film you have already … Continue reading Baked.